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I am happy to let you know that not only that we are now able to remove affiliate links, images and iframes from search engines’ sight but we can do it for ANY given affiliate link, based on your own list!

This is a lot beyond what I was hoping when I started tweaking the original script, which I had developed during last couple of years.

From now on, you will see, doing affiliate marketing on WP won’t be possible without this approach.

Don’t be left behind, soon you probably won’t be able to get such a plugin on a bargain.

This plugin is the fastest and tightest cloaking plugin you can imagine, believe me, there are plugins relying on thousands of IPs that take an eternity to load the page or others that try to query the DNS on the fly. These kind of approaches are obsolete.

I am attaching a snapshot of the last image removal feature of this plugin:


This is the truth: affiliate WP tools like Azon – A, WP-Robot, Autoposters etc. are worthless as long as the links point straight to the affiliate links. The so-called cloaking scripts are nothing more than simple redirect tools that are supposed to hide some affiliate details from humans. But for any search engine, spider or crawler – name them as you like – traditionally cloaking the links means nothing as they see immediately the target URL. Some fancier scripts will hide the target URL from spiders using rudimentary detection methods (e.g., user agent).

Let’s suppose you have an Amazon widget inside your post:

<iframe src=”” style=”width:120px;height:240px;” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

The entire iframe will be removed/ gone from search engines sight!  Without leaving even the slightest trace!


This plugin works with WordPress shortcodes too! (e.g. ) The links are removed from search engines even in the “preview mode” on WordPress!!!

The idea popped up seeing that Google especially penalizes immediately sites after seeing any affiliate link. Thus, lots of powerful WP tools are useless as long as they don’t rank as they would deserve.

Do you know this feeling?



I had developed in the past a few extremely precise cloaking scripts, based rather on redirecting the human traffic to affiliate sites. However, later I realized that people striving to have a nice blog, site, e-store would still like to get visitors on their pages, not sending them straight to the affiliate offers.

Thus I combined the idea of cloaking and redirecting with the need of just hiding affiliate links from search engines. So I’ve build this plugin that simply hide the Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank links from spiders maintaining the whole power of the previous filters based on factors like: IP, user agent, ISP, location, sessions etc.


boost link amazon

This is how is born the most advanced cloaking, redirecting and hiding affiliate URLs script on the market today. All these detection methods make the WP Affiliate Link Booster one of the most affiliate tools ever. But we not only did that but also kept the whole previous power of cloak and redirect script which has been under the hood of WP Power Cloaker.

It’s time for you to take action:



Believe it or not, I added to this package an extremely powerful WP plugin: the WP Post Spinner, which allows you to rewrite posts on the fly using PostSpinner API.  I initially wrote this plugin for my blogs for several reasons:

  • I used to scrape the internet using automatic tools, and gradually it became inconvenient to manually spin the content

  • Totally relying on automatic generated content leads fast to be penalized by Google

  • So I started to save the scraped content as draft, and then just reviewed a little bit and spun the post on the fly with this plugin.

Had lots of penalties in the past because of the affiliate links and of the automatic generated content.

These 2 plugins (actually 3, as the WP Affiliate Link Booster has been incorporated into WP Power Cloaker) solve the most difficult problems for an affiliate marketer, tweak content and hide affiliate links.

One click rewrite content:


To the regular user, links display normally, but they are hidden from the spiders based on any criteria you would add (ban an ISP, an IP, a country etc.).

1. IPs: though not very reliable, it remains a basic redirect and cloak feature;

2. User agent: can be easily spoofed but still filter a lot of unwanted traffic;

3. Referrer: combined to other methods becomes a powerful feature;

4. ISP block list: even if a SE would get new IPs it coudn’t bypass this filter;

5. ISP white list: allow traffic only from the providers you trust;

6. Country redirection: keep off traffic from black listed countries.

7. Need more features? We can customize the script according to your needs.

You get free IP and ISP to IP updates.

We can provide lists with ISPs at country level


You can easily imagine the value of this package, but I am offering you today the bundle for only a small price. This offer won’t last forever.

All these features are now part of the WP Power Cloaker:

a. Meta redirect: will redirect allowed traffic using html meta refresh tag; spiders that don’t execute html (in fact, is not “executing” in the narrow sense, but rather following html redirect instructions) will not be redirected even if they passed the filters.

b. PHP header Redirect: this is the most stealthy and fast method, will send headers to the visitors with the new location, smoothly and invisible to human visitors.

c. Iframe Cloaking: will load the target URL into an iFrame, which means that the address bar remains unchanged. Be aware that this method doesn’t work with https scheme, in which case the visitors browsers will simply redirect to the target URL.

d. Hide Affiliate Links: attention! this option should be used as it was a separate plugin: its purpose is to hide all Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank links from search engines, bots, spiders, generally all non-human traffic. We added the feature of hiding too links like www.yoursite .tld/go/your-affiliate-details which are often used by some WP tools to cloak affiliate links. Therefore,  if you want to hide any link, we can cloak it using the “go/” pattern. When choosing this option, all links from all areas of your blog will be removed from search engines spiders, they will only be displayed to human visitors. This feature supports short links and removes links from comments, widgets, footer, header, side bars etc.

Update to latest version released on November 29, 2013

Added the possibility to remove/ hide ANY link based on the list you fill in the text area below:

Seeing the need of doing an advanced affiliate marketing, we integrated the viglink script. You open an account with them, you get the code and you fill in the form this the key as explained below:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var vglnk = { api_url: ‘//’,

key: ‘this_is_your_personal_key_that_you_should_fill_in’ };


(function(d, t) {

var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = ‘text/javascript’; s.async = true;

s.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? vglnk.api_url :

‘//’) + ‘/vglnk.js’;

var r = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore(s, r);

}(document, ‘script’));



this is the standard code you get from Viglink, as we integrated the code with the present plugin all you have to do is to copy and paste the code in the field showed in the above picture.

We will keep the code updated if any change on viglink code will occur in the future.

Please be aware that the viglink bots might not be able to access the page but the viglinks will display normally once you complete the right field as showed above.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you stumble on any technical problem.




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