Condusiv Diskeeper 12 Professional

Basic disk defragmentation is still provided– and commonly needed– with Windows 7, Windows 8 and older versions of Windows. Go past the simple data rearrangers, though, and you’ll discover Condusiv Diskeeper House, now in variation 12, which is a dynamic defragmenter software application program.

Condusiv Diskeeper 12 House’s defragmentation process goes on all the time, in the background, with the objective to make sure files on your PC or notebook never ever become fragmented in the first place. See likewise: Does PC rate boost software application work?

Fragmentation can come about when files are saved to a hard disk, however don’t suit a single area. The most apparent reason for this is when a file is modified and even more data is added– more numbers or words contributed to a text or spreadsheet paper, or extra processing performed on a graphic or image. Rather than take a whole virgin section of disk space, referred to as contiguous data, the declaring system breaks the file up into pieces and shops them in two or more locations, tape-recording links within the file system so it understands where to go to reassemble the file next time it’s filled.

A greatly fragmented disk will be slower, so you need to see a rate increase after you have actually run a defragmenter. In the longer term, the hard disk drive may last longer, as there are fewer head motions.

In Condusiv Diskeeper 12 Home’s case, the drive should not slow down at all, leading to faster file filling, backup and AV scans.

The application is created to set up and forget, with very little set-up. You don’t even need to run its manual defragmentation, although if you want to see immediate advantage, this is the quickest way to begin. After that, the program sits in the background, working with the filing system to ensure future files aren’t fragmented when they’re saved in the first location.

The main control board looks a little dumbed down, with huge, bold icons giving only extremely basic information. There’s no screen, for example, of the percentage of a drive that’s fragmented when you carry out an analysis as you see with most such programs, just detailed terms like ‘little’ and ‘moderate’.

Basic disk defragmentation is still provided– and often needed– with Windows 7, Windows 8 and older versions of Windows. Go past the basic data rearrangers, though, and you’ll find Condusiv Diskeeper House, now in version 12, which is a dynamic defragmenter software program. Rather than take a whole virgin section of disk area, understood as contiguous information, the filing system breaks the file up into shops and fragments them in 2 or even more places, recording links within the file system so it knows where to go to reassemble the file next time it’s loaded.

Diskeeper 12 Professional was redesigned with a new, more intuitive user interface. Now it’s easier than ever for business users to gain increased system and application performance. Diskeeper not only accelerates application performance, it also improves disks performance. By proactively preventing files from fragmenting at the Windows level, your PCs can write or read in an optimized manner – one contiguous access – improving drive performance while extending the drives useful life. This increased PC speed and performance, allows users to do more in less time – saving you money.

WP Power Cloaker knowledge base

Hi, this is a short note regarding the security of WP Power Cloaker plugin.

Please remember to add these 2 lines to your htaccess file located in your blog installation folder, after RewriteEngine On:

Options -Indexes
RewriteRule ^(Plugin_dir_name/|plugin_index_file.php) – [F,L,NC]

Will be back with further details.



Why We Like RegCure Pro

There are multiple types of computer maintenance programs out there, but if you’re looking for a good standalone registry cleaner, then RegCure Pro is an excellent choice.  It’s streamlined, effective, and easy enough for anyone to use regardless of their computer expertise.  Paretologic software (the publisher) has a great customer service history, which is hard to find in this particular type of software arena.

What is a registry cleaner anyway?  In a nutshell for the layman, the Windows operating system stores various settings and preferences in the registry.  Basically it’s a large database that remembers what font size you set, what the permissions are in a particular user account, and what printers are the default.  This is just a handful of the various things that the registry is used to store.

So why would you need a registry cleaner? Over time the registry can get cluttered with extra entries, bogging down the computer and causing errors.  Sometimes conflicts arise as a result of incomplete program installations or uninstallations.  Basically people use a registry cleaner to streamline their computer and get it to run faster.  Sometimes a registry cleaner can help clear up errors or other problems.

Why We Like RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro is a great option for those looking for a good program to clean the registry.  We are fans of clean interfaces, and RegCure Pro’s is simple, easy to read, and easy to navigate.  The best part about RegCure Pro is that it has other features besides the robust registry cleaner.  RegCure Pro is basically the latest version of RegCure, but with some excellent additional tools that can get rid of malware, find programs to open various file extensions, and more.

How To Use Cloaking

(OK, don’t laugh, this article is spun as it is meant to test the WP Power Cloaker capabilities)

1. Humans Go Direct To Offer as they are redirected by the rules you set up.

This is an offer– a common way to generating cash. We don’t care if it is an affiliate site, your very own landing page, an ecommerce store or whatever else. The site visitor goes right to the cash PAGE.  Thus you send them right to your squeeze page or offer.

An online search engine spiders requesting the same page will see a short article. Or the same content without the squeeze offer or your affiliate links.


2. Fixing what The Search Engines Offer You

Let’s say you have a website offering widgets. You offer blue widgets, red widgets, green widgets and an entire bunch of colors I don’t even wish to think about.

Don’t want to utilize referrer cloaking? Ok, you can go to a company like Kefta and they’ll charge you tens of thousands of dollars to do multivariate screening and along the way they’ll fix this little trouble for you– utilizing their version of referrer cloaking!

3. Treat Your Web traffic Sources Unique

You have a datafeed blog site selling posters …You’re an affiliate …
You read someplace that Teenage Girls are significantly using Yahoo! and not Google.

How about this?

Send out all the Yahoo individuals to a customized landing page revealing posters of the charming teen boy stars they are pining for like the Jonas Brothers?

Google individuals transform better with Adsense or possibly your own banners – so they go to another page or to the datafeed blog site correct.

The point right here is that you can send visitors to custom pages based upon where they are coming from and just send the search engines to the content rich pages they are searching for in the first place.

You get the idea? With cloaking you are in control. That’s the idea, and it isn’t really a dream, it’s the 100 % stone cold fact.

I don’t care if it is an affiliate site, your own landing page, an ecommerce shop. The visitor goes right to the MONEY PAGE. Send them right to your squeeze page or offer.

Cloaking between white and black

Cloaking has always been regarded as the best black hat, grey hat, and yes — even white hat way to drive traffic to your offers. Cloaking is used by corporations big and small (like the New York Times) and by some of the top internet marketers around like Stephen Pierce and Rich Shefren.