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WP Power Cloaker knowledge base

Hi, this is a short note regarding the security of WP Power Cloaker plugin.

Please remember to add these 2 lines to your htaccess file located in your blog installation folder, after RewriteEngine On:

Options -Indexes
RewriteRule ^(Plugin_dir_name/|plugin_index_file.php) – [F,L,NC]

Will be back with further details.



How To Use Cloaking

(OK, don’t laugh, this article is spun as it is meant to test the WP Power Cloaker capabilities)

1. Humans Go Direct To Offer as they are redirected by the rules you set up.

This is an offer– a common way to generating cash. We don’t care if it is an affiliate site, your very own landing page, an ecommerce store or whatever else. The site visitor goes right to the cash PAGE.  Thus you send them right to your squeeze page or offer.

An online search engine spiders requesting the same page will see a short article. Or the same content without the squeeze offer or your affiliate links.


2. Fixing what The Search Engines Offer You

Let’s say you have a website offering widgets. You offer blue widgets, red widgets, green widgets and an entire bunch of colors I don’t even wish to think about.

Don’t want to utilize referrer cloaking? Ok, you can go to a company like Kefta and they’ll charge you tens of thousands of dollars to do multivariate screening and along the way they’ll fix this little trouble for you– utilizing their version of referrer cloaking!

3. Treat Your Web traffic Sources Unique

You have a datafeed blog site selling posters …You’re an affiliate …
You read someplace that Teenage Girls are significantly using Yahoo! and not Google.

How about this?

Send out all the Yahoo individuals to a customized landing page revealing posters of the charming teen boy stars they are pining for like the Jonas Brothers?

Google individuals transform better with Adsense or possibly your own banners – so they go to another page or to the datafeed blog site correct.

The point right here is that you can send visitors to custom pages based upon where they are coming from and just send the search engines to the content rich pages they are searching for in the first place.

You get the idea? With cloaking you are in control. That’s the idea, and it isn’t really a dream, it’s the 100 % stone cold fact.

I don’t care if it is an affiliate site, your own landing page, an ecommerce shop. The visitor goes right to the MONEY PAGE. Send them right to your squeeze page or offer.

Cloaking between white and black

Cloaking has always been regarded as the best black hat, grey hat, and yes — even white hat way to drive traffic to your offers. Cloaking is used by corporations big and small (like the New York Times) and by some of the top internet marketers around like Stephen Pierce and Rich Shefren.